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Is there any merit in Colon Cleansing?

Question: from Eric

Detoxifying the colon seems to have become one of the most popular therapies recommended by natural health practitioners. What is your opinion or research-based conclusion regarding the merits of cleansing the colon?

If you have concluded that cleansing the colon has merit, does your organization plan to provide a colon cleansing product? I think that if you do, yours would be better than any product currently on the market.

Comment: from Warren

A few years ago we spent some time researching this subject because I thought that it might be a good idea to produce such a product as there were so many questionable ones on the market.  However, after further investigations and discussions with Prof. Dr. A Munem we decided that we would not be doing out customers any favours if we produced such a product.  It would be putting them to unnecessary expense.  There are no doubt occasions in which colon cleansing is warranted and indeed desirable, but not for the general population.  And it should only be done by a qualified professional and followed with a double dose of Total Balance for a month. 

Joanna expands further on this below.

Answer: from Joanna (Medical Nutritionist for Xtend-Life)
There is a lot of hype over specific colon cleansing practices and products in order to rid the body of waste products and toxins. Many of these are expensive and contain limited and potentially harmful ingredients. To be honest Eric, if you have a decent overall diet and optimum wellbeing supplement regime, there should be no need for specific colon cleansing.
The body functions well under good dietary practices, adequate fluid intake and good supplement practice. It has a more effective ability to rid itself of toxins, better than any practice or supplement.
Colon cleansing practices or products should really only be necessary as a temporary measure for people that are unable to gain proper nutrition naturally, or who have a disease of the nature that has or is interfering with these normal body processes. And I must emphasise that even in these circumstances it is only a temporary aid.
In one of our previous news articles we gave this further information:
"An article in the Archives of Internal Medicine (Volume 163, 2003) shows that frequent bowel cleansing can cause severe loss of potassium that can lead to irregular heartbeats and even death in elderly people. Younger people usually do not develop low potassium levels because their kidneys are strong enough to compensate by retaining potassium, but older people often have weakened kidneys that cannot retain potassium.
Other recent research shows that regular use of laxatives and colon cleansers can harm you by blocking the absorption of nutrients from your colon into your bloodstream and causing you to lose necessary minerals. They can also deprive you of good bacteria that grow in your colon, and the healthful short chain fatty acids they produce. If you suffer from frequent constipation, try removing all refined carbohydrates from your diet (foods made with flour, white rice or milled corn), and drinking more fluid. If that does not relieve the problem, check with your doctor."
Beginning to rely on laxatives or colon cleansing products is taking away your body's natural function, and potentially weakens your body's system and ability to continue this normal practice once you take away these products, potentially leaving you needing them for life. This is not good practice.
With good nutritional practice, plenty of pure fluid intake, moderate exercise and good daily nutritional supplementation your colon should be well nourished and have no need for these unnecessary practices.
Warren also commented in the same news article above: "...One of the prime objectives when Dr Munem designed our Total Balance product was to ensure that all the nutrients needed for a healthy digestive system were present." Total Balance does indeed contain many nutrients for digestive health, to help strengthen and soothe, to help correct imbalances. Together with our Omega 3/DHAs, which are also helpful for digestive balance, this should be the only supplementation you need for this purpose, along with the suggested good dietary practices.”


Reader Comments (11)

I am 72 years old and have had Constipation problems all my life, due to poor eating habits. Now I am paying dearly for it. My system does not work without the help of daily stool softeners. Would "Total Balance" correct that? I have changed my eating habits in the past two months, and beginning to feel better already. Sandra
August 30, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterSandra Moore
My problem is that some of the medications I'm on cause constipation. Sometimes fairly severe, though I've not had to have medical intervention yet - praise the Lord. I use Milk of Magnesia sometimes and psyllium. I have resorted to enemas and did go through a series of colonics a couple of times. I felt that they depleted my minerals though, yet the results were helpful overall. The colonics I had done only used purified water though, no product added.
August 31, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterLaura RUby
I would love to get more info on constipation, especially in the elderly. My father is diabetic, having both neuropathy and myopathy. He is always constipated and only gets relief with laxatives. His doctors have not been able to help him with this problem, and I'm worried about him constantly taking laxatives.

He has had pnemonia five times in the past year with five hospital stays. I finally talked him into taking your Viral-Protect and we have gone two months now without pnemonia!!! Would one of your other products help with his constipation? I have encouraged him to drink hot water every morning.

August 31, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterDeb Jamieson

Re: Constipation.

Yes, there is no doubt that Total Balance helps the overall digestive system and thus by extension constipation. It is certainly worth using not only for your digestive system but all your other organs as well. But, it takes time.

Psyllium is also good to take on a regular basis.

However, the BEST solution to constipation is WATER...BUT, it must be taken the right way.

This is what to do.

As soon as you arise in the morning prepare some lukewarm PURE water. In other words good filtered water or reverse osmosis water. It MUST be lukewarm, not hot, not cold. I normally prepare it by heating up some water in the jug and adding cold water to it to get the right temperature.

Then drink two or even three cupfuls if you can manage it.

Now, remember that this must be done immediately you arise and before you to anything else. Do not eat for at least 30 minutes after that.

It won't necessarily work the first day, or even the second. With some people it may take a week, but it is highly likely that it will normalize your system and eliminate the constipation. This method is amazing and should be used as part of a morning ritual. It is much more effective than drugs.

I have followed this practice for years although I only generally have one cup of the warm water as I have no constipation issues.

I am certain that you will find that after you get into this habit that you will be more regular than you ever have been in your life. But, remember that this protocol has to be cultivated as a habit.

As this subject is of such general interest I will repost it as a new Q & A
August 31, 2007 | Registered CommenterWarren Matthews
To the diabetic father
August 31, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterAdrian
Hello Warren,

On the whole, this was a good answer to Eric's question, especially by Joanna. I had to smile at your "followed by a double dose of Total Balance for a month." It tells me that you don't really understand what real colon cleansing is either. Don't be offended, most people don't know and can certainly be excused for having various misconceptions given the way colon cleansing is promoted these days.

Your decision was wise I think. The world does not need yet another manufacturer jumping on the colon cleansing bandwagon. The vast majority of products marketed for the purpose are either dangerous or unnecessary.

Many of the practices promoted for colon cleansing are quite the same. They too, in the main, are dangerous or unnecessary. Some of the things people go through with so-called 'therapists,' like high colonics, or self-administer at home, like daily enemas, are completely unnecessary in at least 99% of cases.

Then we encounter the entirely unethical practices of promoting products (or the more marketable "kits") that simply treat the symptom (usually constipation) but never address the underlying problem. This is good for business because people must repeatedly use the product or kit but is entirely immoral in my professional opinion.

Joanna is closer to the mark than anyone I have encountered for some time. However, there is far more to inner cleansing and detoxification, as I explain in my book "Safe Colon Cleansing Your Good Health Guide."

I have been meaning to send a copy to Lance for some time so this article serves as a good reminder. I will also send you a copy Warren (electronic version in PDF format). You'll find that I actually mention some of your products in the book so now you'll have to read it to find out what I say! You are very welcome to review it for your readers.

Readers may find the book at or bundled with an excellent visualisation bonus at and, of course, satisfaction is guaranteed.

In all of my publications, university and community teaching and clinical practice I believe in empowering people. This book certainly does that but it is only for people who are serious about health and vitality as a way for discovering real enjoyment in life. Anyone still looking for a quick fix magic pill who is unwilling to follow a healthy lifestyle is better off staying in their fantasy land for whatever time they have left.

Keep up the great work Warren.

Kind regards


Dr Peter Tylee

NOTE: from Warren. Peter was having problems posting this so he emailed it to me and asked if I could put it up for him. It was posted word for word as he sent it.
September 1, 2007 | Registered CommenterWarren Matthews
Hi Peter,

No risk of offending me Peter. I never profess to know it all and am always keen to learn more and thus I keep an open mind. I will look forward to reading your book.
September 1, 2007 | Registered CommenterWarren Matthews

Wise decision not to develop a cleanse product. I highly recommend the following books by Richard Anderson:

Here is the cleanse developed by Richard Anderson:

I have experienced the results of Richard's dedication first hand. Please pass this information on to Joanna.

- Nathan
September 5, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterNathan Stokes
Following on this topic what do you think about Coffee Enema?
September 6, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterGary
That's an interesting one Gary. Some 'experts' do swear that it is a good thing to do, maybe once every year or so. But, I have not done enough research on this specific subject to be able to offer an informed opinion.
September 6, 2007 | Registered CommenterWarren Matthews
Thanks for that help Warren, and for your follow-up.

Garry, if I may respond to your question, I would make the following comments. Naturally, I can't speak for Warren.

Coffee enemas have very specific clinical applications. They are not something to be used lightly. The coffe used is frehly brewed, from freshly ground, high quality, certified organic coffee beans. The brew should be quite strong (somewhat stronger than most "strong coffee" drinkers would consume). After brewing, the liquid should be allowed to cool to body temperature (nevr too cool or too hot).

Coffe enemas are therapeutic retention enemas. The volume inserted varies depending on several variables, including capacity and retention ability. An initial target valome of 500ml is plenty.

The aim is to have the liquid absorbed. This ensures a useful dose of caffeine is delivered via the bloodstream directly to the liver. (The vascular system drains directly from the bowel to the liver before reaching the systemic circulation.)

Caffeine is quite stimulating to the liver. It enhances it's general function (largely detoxification) and stimulates production of bile and bile flow from the liver to the gall bladder and thence to the small bowel. Bile in the small bowel stimulates peristalsis and hence enhances general evacuation. From coffee enema to evacuation takes time, but the caffeine induced stimulus to the liver occurs almost immediately after insertion of the enema fluid.

This specific therapy has proven very effective in supporting people in need of liver detoxification and that is its primary application. It is not specifically used for overcoming constipation. This procedure can be performed at home but it should only be used on the recommendation of a competent health professional.

It should not be used long-term except in the rarest of circumstances. Remember that caffeine is a powerful drug. The fact that it is widely available in food and drink products does not mean it is entirely safe. Far from it in fact.

Stay safe and well.

Dr Peter Tylee
September 10, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterDr Peter Tylee
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